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Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
Seems more likely that they've got an RSS feed from SLC. I linked to this post in mine.
I just woke and had expected some sort of response from the Truther community. Considering that JB thought this significant enough to write a whole blog post about, he doesn't seem interested in talking about it anymore. The same appears true about ergo.

The question I have for JB is why didn't he distance himself from these guys as soon as he found out about the issue. Instead, both he and AJ Hall continue to act as though and say this is a completely unimportant fact. Strangely, in doing this, JB cites passages from other 9/11 Truth venues about how anti-Semitic voices are shunned in the 9/11 Truth community when the point is, that's exactly not what he's doing.

Several years back, it was discovered that Ron Paul's name and property had been used to promote racist messages. The first thing he did was deny that he had anything to do with this and that these people had used his name without his authorization. He distanced himself from this as quickly as possible. Why doesn't JB delist Bradley Smith from his Facebook now that he knows who he is? What is it about Bradley Smith or Ernst Zundel that JB thinks is worth not immediately breaking contact with?

I'd like to hear answers to this from our JREF advocates for a 9/11 Truth. But they seem too busy talking about the role of thermite or dustifying technology in the destruction of the WTC Buildings. I guess they have they their prioritities.

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