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Originally Posted by little grey rabbit View Post
Is it just me or no matter how well intentioned SS's facebook crusade might be, it comes across as somewhat stalkerish, even a little bit totalitarian.

I suspect it is just me - but perhaps, just perhaps there are some anti-truthers out there who do get a little nauseous at SS's insistence on hunting down personal details and running public shame campaigns?
I can understand why you feel this way. Let me explain a little about how I came to be doing this.

Until about 2 years ago, I almost completely unaware that anyone believed in this 9/11 conspiracy-sort-of-stuff. When I heard about it, the first thing I asked myself was, who could possibly believe this sort of thing? In fact, there are many answers to this available. Journalists have been making claims about what kind of people support this kind of idea for as long as they've been writing about it. But more significantly to me have been claims that originate among the supporters themselves. There is plenty of writing posted on the Internet about the backgrounds of supporters and what other sorts of ideologies they believe. Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin frequently make claims about this point. These claims are frequently cited and quoted by supporters on the JREF and elsewhere. I wanted to find out how true these claims are.
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