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Hotel literature in Riyadh

Forget the Gideons, folks. When you're a guest in a hotel in Saudi Arabia you receive a pleathora of books designed to convert. Fresh off the plane, The GM has the goods, compliments of someone who was a visitor to SA.

I have:
What the Bible says about Muhummed, PBUH, by Ahmed Deedat
Christ PBUH in Islam by the same author
A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam by I.A. Ibriham
And last but not least, Understanding Islam By the Islamic Center of Carbondale

Compared to Chick tracts, these books blow him away in aestetics. Easily on par w/ the JWs work, but actually a little nicer to look at. According to Understanding Islam, 32% of the people in the world are Christians, 20% Muslim, 19% Atheist, 13% Hindu, 5% Buddhists, ..3% Jews, and 10% others. You atheists are gaining! *gasp* You may also request the following literature from these folks: 50,000 errors in the Bible, The God that Never Was, Resurrection or Resuscitation? and naturally, Is the Bible God's Word?

I've only briefed through them, but they are actually more convincing in their arguments than a lot of Christian tracts I've come across. When I get around to it, I'll do a review.
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