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Originally Posted by Crazy Chainsaw View Post
Just wanting to know what anyone knows about it's Origins?
Originally Posted by Crazy Chainsaw View Post
Oh I know all about Crowdstrike, I Read About the as soon as the Hack was uncovered. Great company Shame they got caught up in all this.
Hmm, OK. You are asking about it, but you already know about it?

I can only surmise that what you are really asking about is the "Crowdstrike Conspiracy Theory", to wit, the allegation that the attack on the DNC servers wasn't carried by Russia, but was a false flag operation, ordered by Ukraine at the behest of the Democrats, and that Crowdstrike planted fake evidence in the DNC server to frame Russia?

Edit: I see now that you are.

If so, then I can tell you it is utter rubbish. As Fiona Hill testified, it is a false narrative created by the FSB (Russian Security) at the direction of Putin. It was spread by Paul Manafort, who got the idea from Konstantin Kilimnik, a Ukraine/Russia political activist known to be connected with the FSB. (Those of us who have actually read the Mueller Report already know this)

In spreading this false narrative, Devin "sue the cow" Nunes, Gym "yeah, that's Strauss" Jordan and other assorted cowards, traitors and useful idiots in the GOP, are doing Putin's work for him. They are complicit in helping Russia to try to bring down US democracy - Putin must surely be laughing his arse off at how little he has had to do with so much co-operation coming from House Republicans
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