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Originally Posted by Crazy Chainsaw View Post
So you don't think Crowdstrike was developed to take advantage of Trump's known lack of Technological knowledge demostrated so well in the Birther movement?

Trump is Technologically a clown willing to believe almost any insane Conspiracy theory. Remember the theory started with Trump with him just asking where is the server which was a vague talking point, designed to distract from the 2016 hack.
Mate, Trump is too much of a dumb-**** to realise that computer security companies like Crowdstrike don't actually need to "take the server away" to examine it. (FFS, he thinks Rudy "I locked myself out of my iPhone" Giuliani is a cybersecurity expert). All they need to do is clone the HDD, or access the server via the web to see if it has been hacked.

While the Crowdstrike CT might embarrass Trump by exposing his lack of tech savvy, I don't think its the reason it was conceived. Its like you can drive a screw in with a hammer, but its not designed to do that.

The CT that Crowdstrike planted fake evidence to frame the Russians for hacking the DNC servers, and the CT that Ukraine (not Russia) interfered in the 2016 Elections, were both conceived by Russia, probably the FSB, at Putin's behest, to

1. Deflect blame away from themselves for both acts, and

2. Try to drive a wedge of distrust between the Trump Administration and the Ukrainian government, and

3. To weaken Ukraine's position in any future peace negotiations over the war in the Donbass.

They appear to have largely succeeded in doing the last two, and Repugnicans like Nunes, Jordan, Graham and Moscow Mitch have ably assisted the Kremlin with the first, because they are desparate to find excuses, ANY excuses support Trump.
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