Thread: [Continuation] The Trump Presidency: Part 19
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Originally Posted by a_unique_person View Post
He does.
He really thinks he is a genius.
Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
And he thinks everyone else thinks he is, too. They're all just jealous of him.
He has always been allowed to do and say whatever he wanted without consequence. Nobody ever said "NO" to him; everyone he knows fawns over him or genuflects in awe. He has always had someone else clean up his crapped diaper situations for him. So he has never had to take any notice or responsibility for his failures. He believes everyone lives in awe of his (so-called) wealth. He is as vain AF.

He needs a good kick in the balls, literally and metaphorically.
...our governments are just trying to protect us from terror. In the same way that someone banging a hornetsí nest with a stick is trying to protect us from hornets. Frankie Boyle, Guardian, July 2015
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