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This whole idea that the only reason we have problems is because all those uppity elitist in power just aren't as smart as they think they are with their fancy book learning and don't realize they are making the problem more complicated then it really is and all it's gonna take is a salt of the Earth person with some common sense and street smarts to go in there and cut right through the Gordian Knot is one of the core prospects of Trump's persona that he sells to his followers. It's always 100% insane nonsense. It's trying to solve poverty by having the government "just print more money." It's telling someone who is having problem with a Unix box to "Just buy a Mac." It's telling a depressed person "Just stop being sad."

That's why even on the rare occasions he actually proposes a solution to something it's a 5 year old's understanding of how real solutions to real problems work; rarely anything deeper or more complicated then "Just stop having the problem, have you tried that?"

But again this is all academic because actually solving problems is not in Trump's best interest.
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