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Originally Posted by Segnosaur View Post
Can someone give some context here?

Who is Dov Hikind and what did he say? Is he really "respected"? (I have never heard of him)
Dov Hikind is a Jewish-American politician who represented Brooklyn's heavily Jewish 48th District as an Assemblyman for over 35 years.

He's a member of the Democratic Party but often breaks ranks to support or endorse Republican Candidates.

He's generally well respected within the Jewish community from what I can gather (I don't have like my thumb on the pulse of that to speak with any authority on who and who isn't respected in any sort of declarative way obviously) but has also been involved in several controversies of multiple varieties in the last few years; wearing blackface, some corruption charges, a weird twitter feud with AOC that ending with her blocking him and him suing her and seems to have made a hobby of calling progressive, farther left politicians anti-Semites.
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