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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Who's the unjust man, though?
I didn't see that as a comment about you personally, at all. Rather, I saw it as a allegory where the "unjust man" is one political party who won't engage the other in honest negotiations. Now, one could paint the Dems or the GOP in that role depending on one's political perspective but the allegory works just the same.

Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
I'm not asking anyone to meet me in the middle. I'm saying I'm considering taking several steps towards the middle myself. I've got what I think are a couple good reasons for doing so, and I'm wondering if there are any Dem candidates who are somewhat close to the middle, from the other side. This seems like it's worth discussing.
It is. Even though I've used up my quota of snark in response to some of your comments, I see you as an honest political observer who differs substantially from my view. That should not prevent us from engaging each other. If I've been one who has interfered with such a dialog, I apologize; let's start over.

Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
What I don't understand is why you are lying about what I'm saying. The unjust man in this conversation isn't me.
True, as I said. Try reading it as the allegory I mentioned above rather than as a personal comment about you..
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