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Originally Posted by varwoche View Post
That fact check pertains to RCP editorial and news content, not their poll aggregation. I've seen several accusations of bias in their poll aggregation on this forum, but nobody has been able to substantiate it when challenged, or even tried to.
Oh? You're saying that it's a situation like Fox's polling? Where the polling itself is rated highly, but Fox puts inane, highly partisan spin on it when it talks about it?

Originally Posted by RoseMontague View Post
Actually, 538s numbers are based on impeachment and/or removal, Not both.
Err, not quite. That's only if you're going by the short-hand. To poke at the definitions that they give for the categories -

Impeach = "Polls asking if Congress should impeach/impeach and remove Trump"

Remove = "Polls asking if Congress should remove Trump"

Originally Posted by RoseMontague View Post
To this last point, being Indie has it's advantages. In my state I can vote in either the Dem or the GOP primary. In 2016 I voted in the GOP primary and in 2018 the Den primary. That way I can support who I think is the best candidate, rather than being limited to one party or another.
That is a nice advantage. It'd be nice if it were all states like that, either way. I'm in a state where it's only Democrats for Democrats and Republicans for Republicans.

Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
BTW, we hear endlessly from the liberals around here about how we have to make it as easy as possible to vote. How do they defend the Iowa caucuses?
Honestly, I've only really seen unhappiness and complaints when it comes to them from liberal Democrats. You mentioned some of the reasons, too. So the simple answer there is... they don't defend Iowa caucuses. To repeat, I don't think I've seen any liberal Democrats defend them. Feel free to point me at any if you come across them, though.

In other news...

Mmm. Warren's newest plan deals with people with disabilities.

To poke at a couple things it addresses -

And government-sanctioned pay discrimination exploits workers with disabilities by allowing employers to pay people with disabilities subminimum wages - some wages as low as 4 cents per hour.
That's... even worse than prison wages in many states, which tend to be more like 20 cents to a bit over a dollar.

To build economic security for people with disabilities, we must also rewrite the rules of government programs that trap them in poverty. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are meant to provide financial security to people with disabilities when they are unable to work or are facing structural barriers to engaging in the workforce. But low monthly payments and punitive eligibility terms trap beneficiaries in poverty, punish them for receiving support from friends and family, and can even force them to choose between critical benefits and marrying the person they love.
Yeah, I've lived with a person with a disability before who was too afraid of losing their limited benefits to transition to independence. While he was more motivated to try to better himself, he pretty much ran into the threat of losing the aid and helpers that he depended on and decisively quit his second job.
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