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Originally Posted by Bob001 View Post
The broader question is whether his brand of old-school political accommodation is the right answer to the right-wing's slash-and-burn borderline fascism.
That's what concerns me. I'm not bothered by the notion of who can beat Trump; if anyone can beat Trump, anyone can beat Trump. I'm worried about the next Trump.

Once Biden gets into office, then what? The political forces that buoyed Trump's rise have made lasting changes. We can't just pretend the last four years never happened. All the Republicans you could make deals with have retired; the Trumpers who are left are the venal and the power hungry. All the public officials you could rely on have been fired and replaced with criminals and sycophants who actively want to burn the government down to line their own pockets.

Biden is basically running as a third term for Obama. But think about how effectively the GOP neutered Obama's presidency just by refusing to cooperate on any issue out of sheer spite. They haven't gotten any friendlier, and Biden isn't Obama. You can't play checkers with someone who'll flip the table over if it looks like they're losing. So what's he going to do instead?
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