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Originally Posted by Baylor View Post
Hey UKian, did you notice anything about Super Tuesday? Which states gave Biden a clear victory? Southern States. i.e. those with a large black population. (Biden beat Sanders in every state when it comes to black voters). Because black people love establishment democrats. And white people love "radicals" like Bernie. Ever seen a black person talk about Universal Health care? Of course you haven't (googling intensifies). Even within the Democratic party, there's a large and apparent racial divide. This will continue, Bernie will win OR and WA while Biden will win MI and MS (I don't care if you don't know state postal abbreviations, use google as you're fond of doing.)

eta: I said clear victory NB4 "but MN, ME"
Sure. But can't this all be true along with the statement that younger people tend to favour(sic) Sanders while older people tend to favour(sic) Biden.
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