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Originally Posted by The Atheist View Post
I would, and it's not very often I stick up for our worst and most implacable enemy.

Aussie, despite its many, many faults, is not USA, and the people don't like dirty politicians. Although the LNP is knee-deep in christian weiners, the religiosity index of Aussie is light-years from USA's, with under 10% attending a church regularly.

And Aussies, while strictly limited in the brains department, have had the benefit of several generations of Kiwis to lift the average IQ and the average Aussie is nowhere near as stupid as the average American.

There is as much chance of a Trumpian figure taking over the PM seat in Aussie as there was of Joh Bjelke-Petersen taking it over in the 1970s, and he was more Trumpian than Trump, long before little Donnie ever thought about politics. (And he was a Kiwi. Thank god we lost that prick!)

Trump would be fine in QLD, but nowhere else. Queensland is a little like Texas, but with more crocodiles and snakes. Swap oil for coal and you're halfway there.

Given 95% of Aussies living in Sydney and Melbourne, you'd be more likely to have an asexual transvestite with green hair and facial tattoos than a Trump running Aussie. Crikey, they kicked out the closest thing alive, which started all this crap: Tony Abbott.

Boy you are below the belt on that one.

This reminds me of that Kiwi statement, (can't remember who by), that the dumbest Kiwis go to Australia, which lifts the average IQ of both countries.

Careful however. Just remember that Ray Comfort, (of Banana Man fame), comes from NZ.
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