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I think that abaddon did a good job in answering the following so will just confine myself to responding to the sillier bits.

Originally Posted by Roger Ramjets View Post
If you can accept a God, why not a caring God?

Accepting the notion of a God at all is by far the biggest hurdle. The rest is easy. This God will of course have human characteristics, including a desire to take an interest in and 'care' about other beings, just like we do. If it didn't then how could it be differentiated from an uncaring universe?
Well I think I answered the question of why not a caring god with my comment about it not interfering when all kinds of nasty stuff is happening. A bolt of lightening or two zapping child molesting priests would be a good start.

The reason God doesn't intervene in our favor is blindingly obvious, but if we are to accept the notion of a God then we have to discount the obvious. Once we do there are plenty of reasons that make sense.

To start off with, how you define 'favor'? If there is a Heaven waiting for us then wouldn't the best 'favor' a caring God could do for us is hasten our arrival there? Yet many people might find that idea a bit disturbing.
This is a bit of a jumble but here goes.

The Abrahamic god of the OT did lots of intervening but grew tired of it it seems. He did chat directly with some people using props like burning bushes and such also. He stopped doing this also, (some who hear voices in their heads my dispute this), good while ago. If the god you are referring to is this one then the "blindingly obvious" is now but not then?

As for the purpose of it all, just because it eludes you doesn't mean there isn't one. I bet there are a million things you don't know the purpose of, yet you don't deny that they exist.
It's obvious our minds work somewhat differently.

I don't look for a purpose for every phenomena I come across. This would be nonsensical for me given I think all phenomena just happened and wasn't made by a god. If you start off with the assumption that God did it it's reasonable to look for a purpose. So asking what purpose the god of Abraham had in creating man is a reasonable question. Any answer?

The Bible says that man was created 'in the image of God'. But just like a photocopy is a not a perfect duplicate of the original, we a not a perfect image of God. In fact the idea that we would be is silly.

As for the angels, if they are lesser than God then they cannot be as wise, and therefore may be be subject to errors of judgement just like us. And again, nowhere in the Bible does it say that the angels were created perfect.
So we were made in Gods image but not a perfect copy?

I suppose the many failings of the human physical body would not look good on God so there would be one exception. I have heard it said we are made spiritually in His image but I have some difficulty with this notion. Our spiritual replication was flawed in the decision making process perhaps? You know by eating the apple - mainly Eve's fault of course.

But how does that square with the notion of a perfect god? Surely if God is perfect then He cannot create anything but perfection? But who gets to define perfection? Certainly not us. One thing is for sure though. If the Bible is correct then God created angels with independent minds, and since those minds are lesser than God's they must be less capable of avoiding error. This is simple logic, and to think otherwise would be silly.
I'm glad you're comfortable with this roundabout reasoning.

According to the Christian Bible unrepentant sinners are sent to Hell to be destroyed, so it is a place of (almost) eternal torment. But the torment is of their own making, as they contemplate their crimes while being forever separated from God. It is this separation and knowledge of their unavoidable destruction that torments them.
Almost eternal now then.

But their crimes will be forgiven if they just believe in Jesus! Wow yes, just like that! Mind you if your geographical location has stopped you from learning about Jesus, or your God given spiritual mind cannot accept this truth, you're stuffed.



Thinking is a faith hazard.
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