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Originally Posted by Roger Ramjets View Post
I disagree. The mere notion of a god is the start of the silliness.

But if you accept the notion of a god then what follows isn't that much sillier. It could even be quite logical.
Well we do not agree on this point it seems. There are many who are not 100% sure of the non existence of some kind of god who do not seem to be mentally impaired. Even Richard Dawkins is numbered among these although he doesn't rate the chances of a god existence highly - as indeed I do not.

But if beliefs lead to doing good things, does the silliness really matter that much? Most people believe multiple silly things, many of which are far less beneficial than believing that a god (if such a thing existed) would likely take an interest in His creation. Because a god that buggered off immediately after creating the Universe is useless at best. Why would anyone want to believe in such an entity, and what good would it do them?

I can understand why people would want to believe in a god that rewards good deeds and punishes bad, that they can talk to when troubled (even if no one is actually listening), and gives some meaning to their lives. But a god that offers no justice, no guidance, no solace, no hope? A god that pretends to not exist just so it doesn't have to deal with us? That is silly - and I can quite understand why someone would not want to accept the notion of such a god.

If you would stick to the topic it would help. You could start another thread about the good things the religious do in spite of silliness, to expound your theories about the subject if you like.
Thinking is a faith hazard.
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