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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
US passengers from the cruise ship on their way home minus 40 infected. Number of cases on the ship > 300 >350. Clearly there is ongoing transmission of the virus. Those on the ship were essentially sitting ducks.

I don't understand how the cruise line company was that stupid to not recognize the risk to and from the crew. This is the modern world, people are supposed to understand the germ theory.

One UK citizen is complaining loudly that he's been left behind by his country.

Edited to correct cruise ship case numbers.
I don't know if there is ongoing transmission. It could be because many of those being found are in early stages of the virus and are asymptomatic.

But, it seems that testing of the passengers is really slow.

Earlier on in this saga, the passengers had been complaining that the cruise line company had not been clear to them about what was happening on the ship.

The quarantine could have been too late.

I said before that the cruise line company has been doing a lot of PR to tell everyone that they would be refunded not just in full, but on top of the refunds, and also all costs for repatriation. It is my suspicion that they are trying to avoid being sued by offering some kind of pre-emptive compensation. Not sure how it works legally, though.
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