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Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
Years ago, just post-911, I read CIA Analyst Michael Schueur’s book, “Imperial Hubris”. He was the agent in charge of “Project Bin Laden” and was primarily involved in tracking the guy.

I thought the book made some good points, primarily that in the face of the common (and Bush Administration) idea that this was a religiously-motivated attack, it was instead a political act, a protest against US policies in the region.

However, in recent years, it appears that Schueur has drunk the Q-anon kool-aid and the Trump conspiracy nonsense as well... Openly calling for violence against “Democrats”:

Pretty disturbing stuff, making you wonder just how deeply this stuff has infected people across the board.
That is a truly horrifying read. So many parallels with Nazi rhetoric in Germany in the 1930s.
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