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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
I don't know for what kind of "quantum mechanical waves" your statement may be true.
All of them.

In the case of Einstein's photon concept however, a difference between shifting frequency and shifting phase exists. Photons of the same frequency emitted later can be in-phase or out-of-phase with previously emitted photons. A continuous drift in phase without frequency-change is therefore at least logically possible.

You seem to imagine that photons emitted at discrete times can have a single frequency. But this is not the case. In order for a photon to be emitted within a specified time window, its spatial extent must also be finite, which means (ala Heisenberg) that its momentum will have a minimum uncertainty as well, which in turn means an energy (and frequency) uncertainty.

You can consider a monochromatic beam of light to be a superposition of lots of individual photons, each of which is has some spread in momentum and frequency and hence is spatially localized. But that superposition, in order to form a monochromatic beam, will end up cancelling components of each photon that vary from the frequency of the beam itself.

If you construct your monochromatic beam where the phase shifts for each successive photon you're building your beam from, then the non-cancelled frequency will be shifted. Your continuous phase shift will still be the same thing as a frequency shift.

You deny the existence of coherent photon groups separated by phase jumps only because I use it as evidence for a gamma-ray-burst hypothesis not (yet) existing in textbooks or peer-reviewed articles.
No. What you mean by "phase jump" doesn't correspond to what the authors of your source mean by "phase jump".

There is a lot of further evidence suggesting the existence of coherent photon groups, e.g. Astrophysical maser, or Random Laser:
Sure, but they all still involve conditions under which stimulated emission dominates spontaneous emission, as it does in a man-made laser. None of it is applicable to your theory.
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