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Originally Posted by wogoga View Post
Once again
Once again you are lying about those quotes, wogoga,
The seeming idiocy of Googling for "phase jump" and picking irrelevant links is not good. There is phase noise which still is not your "phase jumps", wogoga.

Lying about Wikipedia articles remains worse. Astrophysical maser, and Random Laser have no "coherent photon groups". These are coherent sources

Adding another lie is not good since Lasers: WTF is Coherent Light? has no "coherent photon groups". This a random quite bad physics web site, not the scientific literature ! For a start the author seems to think that light is either waves or particles when it is that light acts as waves or particles depending on the measurement being done. The author thinks that coherent light only comes from pinhole sources. Obviously they have never seen a real laser and do not know that stars are not lasers (their example of a pinhole source)!
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