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Originally Posted by THINKOFANUMBER View Post
Thank you, it seems the truth is too difficult for some to handle. It seems OK to claim to have supernatural powers to explain mystery performances. But kids claiming no supernatural powers challenging the supernatural mind readers of the world to read a 100 digit number from their minds seems just too hard to bare. Yes this can be done easily, and eye communication is not necessary. Information from one mind to another mind can be communicated in heaps of ways other than speech. Whichever method is used we are challenging those claiming to have supernatural powers to read our minds as we communicate in mystifying ways like the Piddingtons, and no we do it differently, no prior knowedge is required. We are not even amateurs but since Lior Suchard started making claims we don't believe in, we are challenging the supernatural powers of a mentalist of umpteen years experience against kids with no experience. Thanks to Lior Suchard, we realised we can outperform him. I wonder how long it will take him to ever respond to the message we sent him. It doesn't matter any supernatural mind reader will do.

Yes there is lots of satire in my websites about Nineapple Pineapple and Mrs Noughtfear but is fair dinjum about challenging supernatural powers against natural abilities. We are skeptimental about any mentalist claiming help from the supernatural, and I think "proof" of supernatural powers harms and confuses people unnecessarilly. We don't need to be entertained by the supernatural.
There are 1-billion sites on the Internet. Not all of them contain factual information.
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