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[quote=Sol88;12866045]If you'd really like to hurt your brain, have a crack at C/2006 P1 (McNaught)[/QUOTE
The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. already addressed over the last 10 years.
The insane insults of the deceased Michael Francis A'Hearn by Sol88 linking him with demented dogma, etc.
Sol88's lies about the demented SAFIRE experiment about the Sun and a scientific experiment about the solar wind and Parker spiral
Yet more propaganda from the Thunderbolts cult on the insane SAFIRE project.
That conversation with Monty exposed that the already insane SAFIRE project is even more insane than collapsing the Sun to a white dwarf
Plasma has been explained to Sol88 many times over the last 10 or more years but he is too interested in drinking his cult's poison to understand that plasma is a partially ionized gas that is quasi-neutral. !

Sol88's usual insanity to derail from Sol88's insane religious dogma that comets are actual rock (no ices or a demented fantasy of "little ices") blasted from rocky planets by electric discharges between planets including recent times (witnessed by us!) and that these rocks discharge in a massive solar electric field !

This is an insane insult that posters here do not know about physics.
We Know after many years of abysmal ignorance, delusions and lies, Sol88 is incapable of understand physics so C/2006 P1 (McNaught) will certainly hurt Sol8''s brain !

Of course the solar wind interacting with a comet coma containing plasma from sublimating water, CO2, methane ices and dust particles will produce "complex chemistry" !

Of course, solar wind ions passing through a comet coma can gain elections because Ulysses measured ions that would have gained electrons !

Of course, the modeling of the solar wind interacting with a comet was a serious challenge back in 2007 .

Of course, Sol88's demented and insanely ignorant cult have no hope of explaining meeting the 2007 s"erious challenge".
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