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Thumbs down The usual lies, delusions, insults, etc. already addressed over the last 10 years

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. already addressed over the last 10 years.
The insane insults of the deceased Michael Francis A'Hearn by Sol88 linking him with demented dogma, etc.
Sol88's lies about the demented SAFIRE experiment about the Sun and a scientific experiment about the solar wind and Parker spiral
Yet more propaganda from the Thunderbolts cult on the insane SAFIRE project.

Irrelevant video from Sol88. The fact remains that in the last 7 years the insane SAFIRE project has not published any relevant papers and the place "results" are announces are conferences held by Sol88's demented cult.
The video is an hour long video by someone who had a previous video looking at a video from the insane SAFIRE project and reports on a conversation with the cranks. The first ~7 minutes are a summary.
  • He talked to "Monty" (the deluded crank who thinks the Sun is not fusion powered) for 2 hours.
    I wonder if we are going to get more delusions. Maybe Monty is the source for the $$$ insanity?
  • He mentions "a fundamental change to how plasmas physics works" idea he got from the conversation.
    That suggests a Monty delusion because the project is standard plasma physics. The ignorance or fantasies of SAFIRE researchers does not mean then new physic is needed. Remember they have to be abysmally ignorant about solar physics to even start the project!
  • Parrots a Monty? lie of verifying the EU model.
    No publication = no verification.
    There is no EU model to verify just fairy stories.
    There is the SAFIRE insanity of making the Sun into a white dwarf star, etc.
  • Emphasizes that this is not a scientific research project!
    It is a company that is looking for investors which is where $$$ comes in. "power generation ... transmutation" words to be acceptable to anyone.
  • "fusion without smashing atoms together" but they do not call it fusion.
    We have deluded electric sun cranks becoming "cold fusion" scammers !
  • The narrator states a "current crisis in the peer review process" fantasy.
    There is a reproduction issue in softer sciences than physics, e.g. psychology.
'See The Pattern' looks like a YouTube electric universe crank.
"LIGO'S Big Lie". Ignorance about questions being raised if LIGO has detected anything. The Danish paper was about the first detection. The Danish was found to be in error by 2 subsequent papers: No more doubts: Two independent studies confirm LIGO’s Nobel discovery. Argument from incredibility about the neutron star merger detection. The neutron star merger was confirmed visually! 'See The Pattern' promises videos about "problems" with gravity ending with "ether" nonsense.
"Plasmoid Quasar" electric universe stupidity from the crank Eric Lerner blindly repeated their and in a couple of other video.
"Alfven Galactic Circuit" looks like a short lie about Hannes Alfvén. More likely to be parroted electric universe fantasies.
"Mysterious Black Hole VINDICATES Halton Arp!" is very ignorant. Halton Arp did not write about black hole. His mistaken ideas were about quasars. NGC 3147 has a central black hole with a thin disk which is not expected with current models. 'See The Pattern' spouts electric universe Kool-Aid. Halton Arp did not believe in that idiocy !

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