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Originally Posted by arthwollipot View Post
There's an explanation for that in the book I'm reading which I have mentioned a couple of times in our recent discussions. It's to do with Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism, but it's a bit complex for me to go into right now.

Thanks for the hint. The suggests a specific direction in which I might nose around a bit, online, to see if something readily comes up.

Originally Posted by Pixel42 View Post
The negative result of the Michelson-Morley experiment was a big clue.

Right. I've read about that experiment I remember (perhaps even actually studied it in physics class, I don't rightly remember that), but all of that had gone clean out of my mind, until I read up on your link again. Yep, like you say, that must have been a big clue.

Actually, although it turned out to be false, the ether (aether?) theory does sound perfectly plausible, in terms of being intuitive. How utterly crazy the nature of reality turned out to be, following on that experiment that junked the aether thing and was instrumental in eventually bringing in relativity. (And of course, that was an age innocent of the utter madness that is QM.)
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