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Originally Posted by Monza View Post
For you word/language aficionados, here is one I've never been quite sure about. How would you make the plural possessive of the word princess?

Singular = princess
Plural = princesses
Plural possessive = princesses'

The above seems correct to me, but I'm not sure about the pronunciation of the latter one.
I was taught that plural possessives that end in S are pronounced exactly like the plural--there's not an additional S sound, just a silent apostrophe. This isn't a new question for those of us whose surname ends in S.

"Look, it's the princess! What's she holding? Why, it's the princess's knife! Do princesses have special knives? Yes, the princesses' knives have extra grooves called 'blood gutters' that they may stab more effectively." In that example last three iterations are all pronounced the same. Also, stay the hell away from the royalty of that kingdom!
You added nothing to that conversation, Barbara.
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