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Originally Posted by Monza View Post
For you word/language aficionados, here is one I've never been quite sure about. How would you make the plural possessive of the word princess?

Singular = princess
Plural = princesses
Plural possessive = princesses'

The above seems correct to me, but I'm not sure about the pronunciation of the latter one.
I've always presumed the latter one is pronounced the same as the second, the added possessive meaning conveyed by context.

So, for example, one might say "The princesses' fortune was divided among the princesses," and the meaning is pretty clear. If one finds it is not, and there's some ambiguity as to which sense is meant, you'd best change the sentence. So, for example, you might not know which is meant if you say "The king's fortune was the princesses(')", but it would be clear if you said "The princesses were the king's fortune," or "The king's fortune was that of the princesses."
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