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Originally Posted by CapelDodger View Post
Britain and France did not ignore Hitler's violations, and did what they could to prevent them leading to another Great War.

The war in Europe was the action Britain and France took against Hitler when efforts to prevent a war failed.

You have to und...
Yeah, their actions like giving Hitler Czechoslovakia with high value industrial base and very good tanks were very good bright ideas. (Terminal Case of Sarcasm) Without us, Hitler couldn't do that much. Wehrmacht might have succeeded in conquering us but only after taking heavy loess and nothing would be here intact (industrial base and infrastructure).

BTW: Calling initial action by France and GB after invasion of Poland as "waging war" is terminally idiotic. They did nothing. If they did, we wouldn't have had mega war.

Originally Posted by CapelDodger View Post
This your conclusion eighty years later. No doubt you have a firm opinion of what military action (aka war ; it was a simpler world in those days) should have been undertaken and at what point, given what you know of what subsequently happened. You'll appreciate that people at the time were living at the time.

That infamous piece of paper might have worked, and prevented any war, something greatly to be desired.

You'll only learn from history if you can put yourself in the position of the people involved at the time, unaware of their future and the ultimate consequences of their actions, just as we are now.

What would have been the ultimate consequences if the French had fired on German troops re-occupying the Rhineland? Not WW2 as and when it happened, but another war sometime, perhaps with a worse outcome. And so on.

They did what they thought was appropriate at the time, with the best of intentions. Perhaps it was the best they could have done.
Those "best intentions" were total and brutal failure and directly lead to biggest war to day. Oh, nad it was very clear to quite few people that appeasement was idiotic bad idea. Certain Winston Churchill. was against it and got proven totally right.

And that infamous Piece of **** (I usually don't use swear words, but that is the only correct name and descriptor for that "thing") was so great idea that it gave Hitler fresh industrial base and Wehrmacht new much better tanks. And almost got some interesting freshly developed things.

It was one of things that directly enabled entire war! It was idiotic idea, obvious already back then.

Chamberlain and co were idiots and world paid the price for their total idiocy.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
I agree with JihadJane.

This website is closer to the truth about Chamberlain. He used cunning and subtlety, unlike the average Joe in America who tend to be a lot of armchair admirals. From:
All that "subtlety" and "cunning". To bad all of it lead directly top war.

Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
It could have been worse, having 56-million killed, and the Nazis ruling an empire from the Atlantic to the Urals would do that.

We *now* know that Hitler was willing to remove his troops from the Rhineland. This wasn't known at the time.

Similarly by Munich, some people argue that it bought time for Great Britain to rearm and update the RAF in particular.
If they forced Germany to have to fight us, they'd get more time and they ever needed. (And it was clear back then, they just ignored all of it in favor of idiotical fantasy)

Originally Posted by ddt View Post
Do you have any evidence to support that?

1) The Czechs had their own "Maginot line" along the German border. I concede, that was in Sudetenland, so the local population would have been more or less hostile. But when the German generals inspected it after the annexation of Sudetenland, they were relieved they didn't have to fight their way through.

2) The Czechs had a good army. In fact, most of the German tanks used in the Poland campaign were Czech ones.

3) The German generals, under leadership of Beck, had a plot to depose Hitler in case of a war with Czechoslovakia. British intelligence knew this, but they didn't quite trust it.

4) Germany didn't have any army units to spare for the West. While they could give some resistance to the token French invasion in 1939, in 1938 this would have been totally impossible. Even an army as low on morale as the French would have noticed that advance was a walk in the park.
Precisely. Just little reminder: Large sections of defense line weren't finished at that time. (Although at bare minimum most of times bunkers were already in-place)


And last reminder: Especially GB was very lucky that Germans failed to get their hands on quiet few pieces of military technologies being developed here. Look up LittleJohn Adapter and Anti-tank rifle for some examples...

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