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Originally Posted by manifesto View Post
I’m starting to get really fed up by your bare assertions of my alleged ”bare assertions”.

If I provide a link or several links to posts where I have already provided evidence in form of citations, sources, links to sources, and argued for its veracity, it’s up to you to explain what’s missing.

And, to do so with specific reference to the posts I have provided links to.
Here is one of your posts that list links to your previous statements, none contain any evidence.

Originally Posted by manifesto View Post
”Legitimate”? Who’s the chief arbiter, here?

Your mentor Mr. McA ... ?

The HSCA acoustical evidence:

The actual in investigation, not the politically contrived conclusions made by Robert Blakey.

1. The investigation shows that it was five, not four, impulse patterns that had a significant match with 0.6 or more binary correlation.

2. That the shot from the knoll was the fatal head shot and did not miss.

3. That the probability for the knoll-shot being random noise or static was 1/100 000, not ca 1/20.

I have argued for this in the following posts (among others):

Let me know if this is not enough and tell me what additional information you need to see, if any.

But, be specific. Cite. Explain.

Cite. Explain and do be specific.

Now I don't much care that you are fed up with my pointing out that you have not provided any evidence for your bare assertions, as you haven't.
You continue to attempt to use the dicta-belt acoustic "evidence". That has been refuted although you don't understand the data for this refutation. You continue to se eye, ear, nose statements concerning the grassy knoll. The may be interesting but as evidence they are sorely lacking.

If you want me to stop posting bare assertions to your comments, then post evidence. It is really very simple.

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