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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
In the ECHR Country Profile for Italy updated February, 2019, the case of Knox v. Italy is now listed under "Noteworthy cases, judgments delivered" and "Violations of Article 3" on pages 6-7. The same text is repeated, under "Cases concerning Article 6" and subhead "Right to the assistance of an interpreter" on page 9. The text is:

Knox v. Italy
The case concerned proceedings leading to the conviction of Amanda Knox for malicious accusation. During a police interview on 6 November 2007 Ms Knox accused a pub manager of killing her flatmate. The man was subsequently found to be innocent and she was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for making a malicious accusation.
Hi Numbers. I was under the impression that Raffaele had an ongoing case with the ECtHR but I can't find much about it online. He would certainly have been a suspect at least when to cops got all excited about his trainers and demanded he remove them. Nina Burleigh also stated in her book that the cops were at his apartment while he was being questioned. Wikipedia states as follows re. Mignini's censure: "The disciplinary panel stated that he issued an oral order of prohibiting legal counsel with Sollecito, instead of issuing a written order as provided by the law." though I don't know how accurate this is. Anyway, it seems to me that Raffaele's rights have been violated as much as Amanda's though there's little online to go by and nothing on the ECHR website.

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