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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
Do you not understand the problem? You are conflating research and clinical practice. I didn't say practitioners didn't contribute to research, how absurd!
You just finished saying (implicitly) that peer reviewed journals only deal in research and you havenít acknowledged that there are journals that deal in applying research to clinical practice.

You have made no effort in this whole thread to learn from anyone. You just don't get it.
You insist that these professionals have something that I should learn from but you canít point out exactly what I should learn except their unethical and unprofessional behavior. Why should I accept such behavior? Itís as if you want me to accept the flawed science of an iridologist simply because they are an alternative viewpoint to mainstream science. As if Iím supposed to just accept their viewpoint because this iridologist is also a medical doctor. Sorry, not gonna do it.

Yes, and they have concluded Trump has NPD.
And an iridologist might say he has gallstones. So what? Do these professionals have solid science to back them up or not? If you think they do, then please present that science here.
You keep insisting anything those professionals do that doesn't agree with your limited knowledge of clinical practice needs to have a research paper trail. That's not how it works!
Itís not my admittedly limited knowledge of clinical science that I am relying upon. You know this. If you feel there is an area of clinical practice that the APA is missing, please -present it here. Until you do, all you are doing is arguing from authority.

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