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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
I was actually being semi-serious though.

I think much of the handwringing that's gonna happen when we start getting very advanced programs and we start trying to split the hairs and draw the lines are going to be the same distinction without difference crap the philosophizers are already doing so... I don't care.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck I don't care if it's a duck or just "an amazing simulation of a duck" in most cases.
Sure, I agree. Unfortunately (and I say unfortunately because I actually love the idea of being able to have a conversation with an actual AI), so far we have yet to create something that can even "behave" as if it was actually intelligent, at least as intelligent as us (let alone more intelligent) We have yet to create a chatbot that can actually hold a conversation without non-sequiturs and nonsensical responses (Although your point does make a lot of sense because even in these discussions in this forum with actual human beings, I encounter a lot of them also vomiting out non-sequiturs and completely failing to follow what I'm saying, so touche) Sometimes the "broken clock is right twice a day" rule applies in a very poetic way when interpreting the chatbot's response. I remember my first interaction with the John Lennon chatbot, and I asked him "Do you ever die??" to which he replied something like "I try to die as many times as possible. How about you?". I smiled as I thought "Well.... that does sound like something John Lennon would actually say in his typical dry humor". Still, the lack of actual intelligence in chatbots is transparent. It is evident that they are computer programs doing their best job to behave as if they were listening and giving their own "thoughts" on the subjects, but they are not.

But that's a separate question from what I meant by AI, again, as it's understood in the sense that people like Sam Harris and Elon Musk mean when they talk about AI. They're talking about a form of intelligence that is superior to us, and that keeps growing its intelligence exponentially.

The essential question, devoid of all technicalities as to "what constitutes an actual AI blablabla", can be simply phrased this way: If we could create something that is smarter than us.... should we?

I think not.
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