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Originally Posted by eerok View Post
If Republicans gave a crap about the lives of Americans, they'd push Trump to end his nonsense. Apparently they're more evil than anyone could've imagined. Well, this is one way to make history.

Meanwhile the fake fraud games about the election continue.
Donald Trump doesn't love this country, he doesn't care about it at all. He's not a law and order president, he's a "what's in it for me" president. This latest voter fraud, fraud, isn't out of concern for our democratic process, it's a "**** you" to his perceived enemies, a binkey to his bruised ego, and another grift with which to fill his coffers to eliminate campaign debt, recount debt, and boost the RNC's operating account. He's aware he lost the election, he just doesn't care, and knows he can con enough morons to **** things up. He's humping the flag, jizzing into the constitution, while running a long con on his credulous supporters. Voter fraud, "who cares?" It's entirely about the grift. And the republican party want's its share.

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