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Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
Just saw his new video.
what a pile of crap.
Obviolsy he was reading from a teleprompter under pressure.
Taking bets as to how long it will take him to backtrack from it and double down on his support for this "Special People.'
To those who haven't seen it, you can find it on the following web site.


A couple of things about it:

- He did a 180 regarding the terrorists in the capitol building (talking about having them arrested, etc.) But, I assume its just empty words and he will go back to praising them later.

- I assume that he posted the video to help keep his cabinet from invoking the 25th amendment (which, given the people he has in his cabinet, would probably work.) "Ignore the fact that I've been a corrupt prick for the past 4 years and praised the terrorists yesterday... I called them bad people today. We're good, m'kay?"

- Not only did he try to absolve himself (using the whole "legal votes" argument), he also referred to voter ID. Yup... just the thing to do... claim you want to bring people together, but also bring up a plan to marginalize large blocs of voters.
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