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Originally Posted by HansMustermann View Post
Well, I'm also quite interested to see anything even vaguely resembling an intelligent answer to that. I haven't seen one yet, but here's to hope : p
This might be where the vaguely-defined omni-god comes into play.

I don't know if it's Yahweh exactly, but I think Aquinas was on the right track. It's probably some kind of omni-god. So I'm going to wager on a generic version and hope for the best.

- GDon, maybe?

But this tends to fall foul of dejudge's objection. Christian doctrine is pretty clear about having to believe specific things about a specifically-described deity. Nobody's getting into Christian heaven on a "well I believed in some form of omni-god, and you're some form of omni-god, so I guess I believed in you the whole time, huh?" technicality.

I haven't checked lately, but I bet Allah feels the same way. The Generic Omni-God might be okay with it, but what are the odds that GDon has guessed right about that? Not good enough odds to be worth betting on, in my opinion.
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