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Science is based on the idea that things in the end will fall to reason. This amazed and inspired early figures such as Galileo, Kepler and Newton. Events fell to the predictions of their formulae. However as time proceeded the rules broadened and changed. Events in quantum mechanics were not predictable according to the older causality but to the broader principles of probability. However the computer I write on is based on quantum mechanics and it works.

All of the evidence or data is rarely available. We have also ceded to the new standards of "due to the preponderance of the evidence" & "beyond a reasonable doubt." One can say this must be based on a faith of sorts but it is not without any evidence such as is common in religious phenomena; such as: Moses talked to god and received the law on Mount Sinai, Mary was a virgin, Jesus was god incarnate, Mohammed ascended into heaven etc etc. We should be grateful that we have modern science even if it contains a weak form of faith.
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