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Originally Posted by iiwo View Post
Good sentiment, I would alter it only slightly. "There can be absolutely no mistakes" left unaccounted for or uncorrected.

There will always be mistakes--one of the many goals of science is to make new experiments work based on previous ones, and previous ones better based on newer ones and/or newer materials, ideas, and equipment.
I think that, maybe, a difference between science and non-science is just that--that science accepts that there will be mistakes, that no issue is ever finally and completely settled. Scientific theories are interpretations of the data, and the data can always be incorrect or incomplete and the interpretations can always be more or less adequate.

In fact, I don't see how any kind of credible truth claim of any sort can be otherwise--we are all subject to error, so our understanding of anything, even God's revelations, are subject to our human understanding, our prejudices, our cultural and even biological limitations. I suppose it's conceivable that God protects His revelations and somehow protects us from misunderstanding Him. No. I can think of all sorts of worse problems that notion creates.
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