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Originally Posted by Cavemonster View Post
I was raised Jewish, but I didn't see this particular side of American Jewish culture until college.

I was invited to a show called "An Olive on the Seder plate" that was, in my opinion, a multifaceted look at the history of the state of Israel with a message that you can be a proud Jew and even support the existence of Israel while being critical of the actions of the Israeli government, the IDF and settlers.

The show seemed to me reasonable, even funny, and far from hateful.

Yet, after the show ended, about half the audience stood up. They were there from some student Jewish organization to condemn this "Antisemitic propaganda".

The idea that any criticism of Israel is antisemitism, even when it comes from Jews, is closely, cultishly held by a chunk of the community. It never ceases to weird me out.

Indeed, you can criticize the actions of the Israeli government without invoking anti-semetic claims. But all to often activists on the Left make anti-semetic claims without seeming to understand what they have done or worse claiming that simply putting the word 'Israeli' in front of the word 'Jew' transforms whatever canard was uttered into a legitimate political statement in support of the Palestinians.
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