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Can you puritanical sectarians stay away from a good catholic carnival?

As the article says, it's a doubling down from the previous year so what happened there must be taken into consideration first. wikipedia says:

Originally Posted by Carnival of Aalst
In 2019, the carnival group De Vismooil'n entered a float that depicted two Orthodox Jews with hook noses and beards, wearing shtreimels (the fur hats worn by some Hassidic Jews), standing amid bags of cash and guarding a safe, one with a rat on his shoulder. The title of the float was "Sabbatical Year", in reference to the carnival group's decision to save money by recycling elements of previous displays, with a pun on "sabbath" and the anti-Semitic trope of Jewish miserliness. The same figures had been used the year before, then representing crusaders, and one hook-nosed head had originally been created as a caricature of a local far-right politician.

Oh, how terrible. And that cost them their UNESCO world heritage status so this year we got this. Maybe if the Jews don't like to be parodied as whining, they should stop it and take it like a boss as the other mocked entities like the Nazis, the Queen, Jesus and even Saint Greta Thunberg apparently did.
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