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Stacyhs, very many thanks for providing this map. I hadn't understood that the phones were found at a location not between Guede's flat and the cottage where Kercher was murdered.

Ah but here's the thing:

Guede, by his own admission, had washed Kercher's blood from his trousers and arms and was using his sweatshirt to hide more blood stains.

Had he gone back to his apartment via the most obvious and direct route, he'd have had to walk up through Piazza Grimana, and up Corso Garibaldi. Both of those were very well-lit and with plenty of people around at that time of evening (10pm). There was also a likelihood that he'd even bump into people he knew in either or both of those locations.

But in any case, he'd risk being rather memorable as a guy walking around with wet trouser legs and using his sweatshirt as cover, plus there was obviously a reasonable likelihood that witnesses would subsequently come forward to place Guede on that route at that time (and we must remember that at this point in time, Guede would have been hoping to avoid being connected in any way to the murder he'd just committed, so it would have been pretty important to him to avoid being placed en route between the scene of the murder and his own apartment at the right time of the evening).

Instead, it would have made much more sense to Guede to take the longer and more circuitous - but much safer (from his perspective) - route along the mainly-unlit and extremely quiet (including no pedestrians at all) road around the outside of the old city wall. If he walked on the right-hand side of the road, he'd have been able to duck back down the hillside into the brush at the side of the road if he'd seen any distant car headlights approaching, so in effect he could get himself a very long way from the murder house without anyone even noticing him.

Furthermore, if he carried on past the ancient pedestrian gate through the city wall (which I believe was locked at that time of evening anyhow) and instead passed through the wall at the roadway entrance that was near Lana's house, he'd have an additional potential benefit: if anyone had seen him walking between that point and his apartment, he'd have been walking in the opposite direction to that which he'd have walked had he gone directly from the cottage to his apartment (ie up Corso Garibaldi). So he could claim he was coming back from having been somewhere in entirely the opposite direction than the cottage.

So I think this is exactly what Guede did, and exactly why he did it. It tallies perfectly with the technology evidence as well. And I think (as I've said before) that the unexpected alert on Kercher's UK phone (the one he was unable to turn off) when the GPRS media message came through startled and disconcerted him to such a degree that he concluded the phones were now just too risky to remain in his possession. So he threw them as far as he could, at the point where he turned up to go up the road passage through the wall, thinking that there was nothing on that other side of the outer road but scrub and hillside. But instead, he found Lana's garden.

(There's also a possibility in my mind that Guede had always intended to throw away the phones at that point in his journey home - after all, he'd have known that they were potentially an extremely strong tie to the victim, even with the SIMs removed and the phones unlocked. On the other hand, Guede may have (erroneously) believed that removing the SIMs and scrubbing/unlocking the phones would effectively erase any link to their previous owner, and thus may well have thought he could make some money selling them on the black market. And on balance, I do think that he had indeed intended to hold onto the phones and sell them on, but that the incoming GPRS MMS alert had frightened him into thinking that the risk to him of holding onto the phones any longer was just too high.)
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