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My brother teaches at a private school. He does not swear, even in private. He becomes visibly irritated when anyone indulges in "good-natured" stereotypes. He can be a stick in the mud.

A parent complained earlier today that a "privileged white male" used the n-word. Specifically, my brother.

When he texted me about it, I jokingly replied, "Did you?"

Not joking, he tells me he's pretty sure he didn't. If anybody else told me they couldn't remember if they used the n-word, I'd guess that they did.

He teaches To Kill a Mockingbird, and sometimes reads aloud. This struck me as a little crazy. I said, "Well, if you had then one of the students would've undoubtedly mentioned it on Zoom." And then I'm given context: The complaint is about a student he had last year.

The mother now complaining about him was his favorite parent. She helped with some Malcolm X project he was doing (she's a Black professor). My brother's probably one of the most progressive teachers at that school, and the administration has his back (for now). But still.

It's absolutely crazy this lady wouldn't talk to him first to see if it's true.
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