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Good morning Upchurch.
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Yeah, but he didn't piss off the VFW on that one. This one has the republican core base very publicly abandoning him. I think that is a significant difference.

And Trump understands neither nuance nor humility. He's not even going to try to mitigate this or walk it back. If the the democrats were clever, they'll get him in the position of getting into a fight with law enforcement officers and Trump will finish the job for them. He won't be able to help himself.

In the past few days, without the Dems help, Donald has has been attacking local fire marshals for not letting him over crowd venues that his campaign has over sold tickets to. The fire marshals have an obligation to not allow places to exceed a certain amount of people at gatherings for safety reasons. Trump has been ripping into them at these public appearances claiming that it is a conspiracy against him and his followers. On one occasion he did this right after he and his secret service entourage were rescued by fire fighters from a stalled elevator.
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