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Originally Posted by Jack by the hedge View Post
I was just thinking exactly the same and wondering if the typical number of voters per polling station might be significantly less in the UK than the US.

<edit> This suggests England has around 50,000 polling stations, so a little over a thousand voters per station on average.
<edit some more> And this (2004 figures) suggests the US equivalent is about 1200 voters per polling place so not much difference.
The electoral commission is interesting - note that special considerations need to be made if polling stations are serving a larger number of voters.

Polling station staff

2.16 You must appoint and pay a Presiding Officer and such Poll Clerks as
may be necessary to staff each polling station. This cannot be any person
who has been employed by or on behalf of a candidate in or about the

2.17 In order to ensure that voters can receive a high-quality service, when
deciding on the allocation of electors and staff to polling stations you will need to ensure that polling stations are properly staffed, giving consideration to the factors set out in paragraph 2.20 below.

2.18 The Commission recommends the following ratios (which exclude postal
voters) when allocating electors and staff to polling stations:
  • A polling station should not have more than 2,500 electors allocated to it.
  • In addition to a Presiding Officer, there should be one Poll Clerk for
    polling stations with up to 1,000 electors.
  • One additional Poll Clerk should be appointed for polling stations with up to 1,750 electors.
  • One further Poll Clerk should be appointed to a polling station with up to the maximum of 2,500 electors.

2.19 These ratios are recommended minimum levels: there may be
circumstances in which you wish to employ a higher number of staff.

2.20 Any polling station over 2,000 electors will create particular challenges in ensuring voters can vote without delay, taking into account the hours of poll and the fact that voters will not typically vote in an even spread across the day. To be able to respond to these challenges, staff should be capable of being deployed flexibly to respond to peaks in voter activity and limit the time voters are expected to queue to receive their ballot paper. One mechanism for managing larger polling stations effectively could be to split the register within that polling station to create two separate issuing desks, each managed by two members of staff, thereby doubling the capacity for processing, while recognising that there would need to be sufficient space within the polling station for this to operate effectively.
OECD healthcare spending
Expenditure on healthcare
link is 2015 data (2013 Data below):
UK 8.5% of GDP of which 83.3% is public expenditure - 7.1% of GDP is public spending
US 16.4% of GDP of which 48.2% is public expenditure - 7.9% of GDP is public spending
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