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Originally Posted by acbytesla View Post
And we have text messages back and forth from the players involved. It's a joke of enormous absurdity to suggest there isn't damning proof.

I can't say enough that Trump is abusing the power of his office and is wantonly ignoring the oath he took to uphold, preserve protect and defend the US Constitution. Congress has a Constitutional duty to provide oversight of the Executive's administration of our government. While I think it's wrong for Trump not to provide his taxes in response to a subpoena it is arguable that falls under that Congress's Constitutional responsibilities. But the Ukraine scandal is not that. This is the administration of US foreign policy. There is NO EXCUSE for any and every member of our government not to be ready and eager to answer any and all questions that Congress may have about that administration. And absolutely no reason to ignore their subpoenas.
This is clear evidence that the GOP, and especially the GOP Senate and Mitch McConnell, are putting party/Trump loyalty over the good of the country.

They'd be screaming "IMPEACH!" if a Dem president had done exactly what Trump has done. For them to claim there was no quid pro quo or, even if there was, it is not an impeachable offense is hypocrisy to a disgusting degree. They should be ashamed of themselves. And it says much that they aren't. But when you give your loyalty to a POS like Trump, you have to set aside any integrity you may have ever had.
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