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Chris Hedges Interview

I love POI podcasts, but I find DJ Grothe way too polite. IMHO Hedges hegded (yes a pun, sue me) way too often and would not answer any question without referring to his oh so wonderful resume. A typical "appeal to authority" logical fallacy.

I enjoyed Sam Harris's books (and agree with many of his points), but he does not represent all of "new" atheists viewpoints. I found it very lame that Hedges only referred to Sam Harris as the main reason for the problems of the hubris of "new" atheists.

I was waiting for Hedges to attack Hitchens for his support of the Iraq Invasion.

What really is Hedges point? He almost seemed to be on the edge of cursing DJ to hell for his "new" atheist beliefs.

It's nice to hear different point of views and POI does explore alternate viewpoints ....

Charlie (even more so a non-Hitchens fan) Monoxide
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