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Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
A while back I requested that someone tell me what you would accept as evidence of the efficacy of the wands. (It was either this thread or one from a different bulletin board - I just don't recall.)

Not a good look, for a number of reasons.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
I haven't done my part in regards to that.

If you mean that you haven't even bothered to check your posts in this thread to see whether you've asked your question, then no, you haven't

If you mean that you haven't done much to avoid the apearance of being a multi-site spammer then no, you double haven't.

Looking worse by the minute, isn't it?

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
I couldn't get the nerve to ask people to allow me to videotape them. This lack of nerve occurred partly because my first neighbor, the one with Alzheimer's, would not allow me to wand her. She was dead set against the whole wanding concept. So I didn't want to blow my chances of being able to work with my other neighbors by introducing the video aspect.

I like your neighbour, and I note that apparently her Alzheimer's doesn't keep her from seeing the obvious thing that you are missing. Does that concern you at all?

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
My second neighbor did experience dramatic improvement in her pain levels from vascular necrosis of the hips and severe osteoporosis of the L-5 spine. with about 20 minutes of wanding. On the second day her pain came back, but then her pain has gradually lessened again.

I'm going to abandon the Cynic's Code™ for a second and not deny outright that this happened. I'll content myself with pointing out that correlation ≠ causation.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
My third neighbor with moderately advanced Parkinsons, showed zero improvement in the first 3 days. On the fourth day, his tremors had stopped the whole time I was there.

Between the 4th and 5th days he had an endoscopy with anesthesia or whatever it is they use to put the patient to sleep. I was afraid he would regress from the stress and irritation.

But on my fifth visit, his tremors were still gone. He said he had some earlier in the morning. Previously he had tremors almost constantly.

After the 5th visit, he still had the Parkinson's leg slide. But four days later, I saw him walking from his car to his apartment. He was back to driving. He walked like a normal person, rather quickly actually, with no evidence of his condition in his legs or arms.

I saw him the next day in his car when I pulled into the grocery store parking lot. He held his arm out in front of me parallel to the ground. There were no tremors.

His speech had improved to where he could say three words in succession with only a one or two second delay before starting to speak. A week earlier, it took him 10-15 seconds to utter a single word at a time.

I haven't seen him in the last five days, so I don't know if he has gotten better or worse.

According to the evidence at hand, none of this happened.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
I wanded a woman who lot her eyesight 7 years ago from a reaction to a medication (Topherol?) Her irises were frozen open as a result, so that she experienced light as constant bright flood lamps up against her eyes. This causes her to have excruciating pain and monthly migraine intensity level headaches particularly when her period comes.

After the second session, she experienced a lot of pain for about 24 hours.

After two sessions of 10 to 20 minutes, she is now able to go outside with only one pair of sunglasses AND to keep her eyelids open, something she couldn't do before. Sometimes when she is inside, she will take off the other sunglasses.

She also has repeated fluid build up and blisters on her eyeballs especially from pollen, and the like. This time, however, her blisters did not fill up with fluid. In fact, she could not feel her blisters at all.

Her period came with no headache. She was able to wand herself a third time on Saturday, about 10 days after the other two wandings. (She lives about 200 miles from me, so we can only do this when one of us is visiting the other.)

For the third wanding, she mostly used it to quell her monthly cramps. She said it worked. She didn't wand her eyes much because she didn't want a replay of the temporary worse feelings in her eyes since we had important work to do that day.

Utter rubbish. At least make up something marginally believable, will you? This is just insulting.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
All in all, I'm finding that these episodes are making an impression on those around them as it has on me.

Me too. I'm getting the impression that the whole lot of this nonsense is a complete fabrication.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
I've been able to stand for ten minutes without cause for worry when before I could only stand for 1 minute at a time due to a combination of back problems and arthritis.

I'm surprised you're doing such an amazing job as the neighbourhood healer given the extent of your own disabilty.

In fact, I don't believe a word of it.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
It's pretty clear to me that it would take a great deal of my time to persuade those of you who come here. It's my fault because I'm just not willing to take the time or maybe it's because I don't have the nerve to try to persuade those who are sick and vulnerable and perhaps embarrassed about how they look, etc.

No amount of time will help you make your case. No amount of personal courage will help either.

What you need is some of that evidence stuff that the skeptics like so much.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
Given that I only have so much time and assertiveness, I'd rather work with the people who are emenable to what they experience. In the short and long run, I can reach ten times as many people that way, perhaps a thousand times as many.

You really are just a spammer, aren't you?

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
Someday, someone else with more skill will surely give you the data you need. For your sake, I hope that is sooner rather than later. Each person has their own criteria before they are persuaded to a new idea. I am already convinced. You will be, too, when your standards are met.

Why on Earth did you even post all this nonsense? Was there any purpose at all?

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
Until then, happy skepticism!

No way, José.

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