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Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
The thousands of insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. since 6 July 2009 from Sol88 about his cult's electric comet and electric Sun dogma.
Sol88 gives us an insane rant from Wal Thornhill about stars.
Sol88 gives us an insane video from Donald Scott: Voyager 2 and our Solar System's Birkeland Current
Yet another insane rant from Sol88. Insane lie about asteroid Bennu. Insane ignorance about plasma sheaths. Etc.

Sol88's usual insanity which emphasizes Sol88's insane religious dogma that comets are actual rock (no ices or a demented fantasy of "little ices") blasted from rocky planets by electric discharges between planets including recent times (witnessed by us!) and that these rocks discharge in a massive solar electric field. This insanely tears the rock apart and puts gas and dust into the coma and forms their insanity of jets as electrical discharges !

Yet another insane rant from Sol88. Insane lies about posts and posters, about models he is totally ignorant about, that an approximation is an error, that ices are not observed, etc.

Sol88's usual insane lies about science, posts and posters.
No one has said that neutral atoms stops the solar wind when we know that comet coma are plasma (but Sol88 does not !).

An insane "gas is assumed based on assumptions" lie when we detect ices that must sublimate to produce gas, we detect neutral gas, plasma is partially ionized gas !

Next post: Sol88's usual insane lies about science, posts and posters.
Sol88's persistent and insane "model that overestimates the amount of needed to sustain said modeled production of water" lie.

Next post: Sol88's usual insane lies about science, posts and posters.
  1. Sol88's next insane lie: "they’ve made the same error as Volwerk et al, Currents in Cometary Comae"
    A Haser radial density distribution is an approximation, not an error.
    Sol88 is abysmally ignorant and cannot say whether this approximation affects the results at all !
  2. Sol88's next insane lie: "The comet MUST be mostly ice to make the Haser model correct."
    Sol88 knows outgassing is the input to the Haser model. We measure or estimate the outgassing of ices sublimating Q and plug that into the Haser model.
  3. Insane "most of the water is in a region ice has never been observerd ..." gibberish.
    We have detected water ice on 6P and other comets.
    We have detected ice on 6P and other comets.
    We have removed subsurface water ices with Deep Impact on Tempel 1.
  4. Sol88's next insane lie: "Radial expansion of gas and dust is NOT observed to come from the nucleus".
    The radial expansion is an approximation that no one with 2 brain cells expects to observe !
    We DO observe expansion of gas and dust coming from the nucleus.
Abundances and spatial distributions of H 2 O and CO 2 at comet 9P/Tempel 1 during a natural outburst A’Hearn was already on the money back then... comets are mostly rock.

7. Conclusions The results discussed above clearly suggest that CO 2 drove the 2 Jul 2005 outburst. No increase in water production was detected directly after the outburst; however, an enhancement in water was detected in the coma about 3.6 h after the outburst, possibly re- sulting from the sublimation of slow moving icy grains dragged into the coma by the outburst ( Protopapa et al., 2014 ).
I think you and jonesy would best read the papers again and question the assumptions made in regards to dust to gas ratio and the modeling of the gas and its “ice” sources located on/in the nucleus.

Don’t forget my ‘ol mate, Skorov. Is near-surface ice the driver of dust activity on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
“No rock. Any charge separation is limited. The electric field is pointing in the wrong direction. Currents are doing nothing.” Jonesdave116.

“The 'electric comet' is physically IMPOSSIBLE to model using mainstream science! PERIOD! True story! End of story!” Indagator

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