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Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Interesting point, considering by now we are NOT talking about neutral molecules.
I'm psychic! I told you that you'd be too dense to understand it! Errr, yes, we are talking about neutral molecules! That is what MIRO detects. Figs. 2 & 6 are depictions of the distribution of the detections of the H216O line*, at 556.936 GHz. That is neutral water vapour.

Backflow? Of charged matter? Interestingly the dust is also negatively charged and makes quite the show in the night sky.
Nope. Neutrals. And if the dust is negatively charged, it should be flowing from the nightside to the dayside, as the nightside is expected to charge up to relatively high negative values when the solar wind has access to the nucleus.

So, jonesdave116, “water” and dust everywhere!!
So, Sol - another complete **** up in terms of your inability to understand a very straightforward paper!

But not enough ice to make comets mostly ice but enough dust to make comets mostly rock...
Nobody has claimed that comets are mostly ice for decades. As has been pointed out to you innumerable times. The fact that you keep lying about this is telling. And no rock has ever been detected at a comet.

* MIRO has the ability to discriminate between water vapour that includes different isotopes of oxygen. i.e. O16, 017, O18.
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