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Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Nobody has claimed that comets are mostly ice for decades. As has been pointed out to you innumerable times. The fact that you keep lying about this is telling. And no rock has ever been detected at a comet.

But somebody, A’Hearn claimed

Sorry, jonesy for A’Hearn being a complete idiot. What was this bloke smoking.

We know comets are mostly vacuum.

Except for that other idiot Patzold,

But as long as we know that the sublimation of ice causes the jets...

Right, ok

But the neutrals and the ions all leave at the same time and speed after sublimation and upon being ionised by the EUV, to form water vapour,

Except they don’t Onthe ion-neutral coupling in cometary comae

bloody adobe
And again for the hard of thinking;

No rock ever detected at a comet. Nobody is claiming that the comet isn't mostly vacuum. What do you think Patzold means by 'porous'? Do you know what porous means?

Something that is porous has many small holes, so liquid or air can pass through, especially slowly:

And what do we think those pores are filled with in the vacuum of space? Honey? You really should give up on this science lark, and concentrate on the basics, such as English, maths and comprehension.
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