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What a joker.
Sorry? The only joke is you sidestepping the obvious failure of your unscientific woo. They detect water. Fact. That kills your woo.

Thought we had been there and done that! way way over estimated the "ice"

Same as Sunshine, Volwerk et al
Nope. You made false claims about that. They excavated thousands of tonnes of ice at Tempel 1. Fact. That killed your woo. 14 years ago.
And Tusenfem has never been involved in a paper that has anything to do directly with estimating the quantity of ice. Only the plasma processes (which are beyond your comprehension) caused by the outgassing that comes from the various ices.

So your mainstream assumption are completely out. leading to way overestimation of "ice".
No they aren't.

as Patzold says
What does he say? Read the paper, have you? I'd be amazed if you had. What is his estimation of the mass loss due to gas (on which he is most likely wrong)? How does it tie in with your idiotic, impossible woo? Need a clue? I've quoted it before. How many hundreds of thousands of tonnes does he suggest? I am not expecting an answer, as it would involve you suddenly acquiring maths and comprehension skills that you quite clearly do not possess.

The RSI does not lie, so I've been informed.
No, it doesn't. What Patzold has likely messed up, is his estimation of the mass that is returned to the comet from the outgassing. As suggested by other authors. Even so, there is still waaaaay too much ice for you to explain. And you cannot and have not even tried to explain it. You have no model.

Sorry, let alone hundreds of thousands to millions of tonnes of ice is a complete load of assumptions.

As A'Hearn reckons comets are mostly not ice.
Wrong. And nobody is saying that there weren't hundreds of thousands of tonnes of ice. Only you, and you don't count, due to having clue zero about any of the relevant science or maths. And nobody has claimed that comets are mostly ice for decades. That is just something that you keep lying about. Due to being a liar.
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