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Originally Posted by Fast Eddie B View Post
The point has been made that “mild” is relative.

You can be sicker than you’ve ever been, maybe even hospitalized, and still be classified as a “moderate” case.

From the University of Oxford, re: Covid 19:

Mild or moderate cases were generally defined based on less severe clinical symptoms (low grade fever, cough, discomfort) with no evidence of pneumonia and not requiring admission to ICU. However, some studies included people with pneumonia or respiratory tract infections as mild cases, as long as they did not develop ARDS, organ failure or have an ICU admission.
It's all on a scale.

But you're choosing the most extreme of the most extreme.
"We stigmatize and send to the margins
people who trigger in us the feelings we want to avoid"
- Melinda Gates, "The Moment of Lift".
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