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Originally Posted by JeanTate View Post

The NYT article gives at least one concrete example of how an incomplete picture can create a misleading conclusion.

If a test is positive (and not a false positive) and - later - there are symptoms, you need to associate the two/three records (same patient). Simple, right? But what if the “later” symptoms are “too late” (patient already recovered, screen didn’t probe symptom history carefully enough)?

In the NYT article, the carrier initially thought nothing of the symptoms, just like her usual jet-lag and job stress. For her, they did develop into far more easily recognized covid-19, but what if they hadn’t?

I only noticed 4 main symptoms because I am normally 100% fine.

These ones I never have:

Sore/croaky throat
Stomach upset
Aches and pains.

I didn't even notice the fever until I was at the testing station because of being surprised I had 3 of those symptoms, and was told I had a fever and the virus, on March 20.
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